PROUDLY SERVING quality meat & seafood


Our products are produced under the FSIS HACCP program where the entire process of getting a product from raw material to final packaging is governed

by safety and quality assurance for our customers.

Whoever said “Variety is the spice of life” was right! We have variety-hams, roast beef, smoked turkey breast, fully cooked prime rib, brats, wieners, pizza sausage, sausage links, summer sausage and so much more.



It was only natural that we named our Titletown Gourmet SmokeHaüs product line using the word Titletown. Meat Processors’ founder, Don Farah has a history of serving as chef for Green Bay football banquets and specifically working with Vince Lombardi. There is definitely pride and tradition here!



The professionals at Meat Processors have over 50 years combined smokehouse experience. What does that mean for you? It means that we can provide you with the finest smokehouse flavors using our very own seasonings and recipes for just the right flavor and tenderness. And with our experience and variety you get only the best. We take pride in our slow cured process and smokehouse procedures and we use only the highest quality of products. We use old world techniques with modern equipment. But it doesn’t stop with what we’ve already done and can do - we are constantly researching new recipes and flavors, showcasing our longstanding tradition of quality and taste.